Key Features

  • Still Stuck Searching 'Restaurant Waits or 'Urgent Care Near Me'? Get Updates With Wait Time!
  • Get Wait Times for Multiple Businesses

    Wait Time provides frequently updated waiting time data for restaurants, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, and salons. Let's say you have an emergency and search "urgent care near me now" or "closest emergency room near me." What about the wait time? Typical search engines are only going to display a number you can call, whereas Wait Time can display the closest urgent care center or emergency room, as well as the expected wait updated in real time, so you can make your decision with greater precision and confidence.

  • Make Reservations Using

    Want to make a reservation at your favorite business and avoid waiting in line? Wait Time allows you to make the reservations you want so you can plan your schedule with precision.

  • Accurate Wait Times

    Our waiting time data is accurate and frequently updated by participating customers and businesses. Want to make a salon appointment, but you're not sure about the wait with the tight schedule you have to keep? Instead of typing in "find a salon near me" or "find urgent care near me," you can now simply search your preferred business or medical facility on our app to see what customers and visitors themselves have to say about their wait times.

  • Available on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets

    Wait Time is available on any Apple or Android device. Or, you can choose to use our desktop version as well.

  • Make Reservations Using

    Easily make reservations with the services, restaurants and other businesses in your area without waiting in line

  • Try Wait Time Today

    Telling Siri or Google to "find an open restaurant near me" may be quick initially, but having to go through the list of open restaurants and call ahead to make sure you don't have to wait until they close. The same is true when you search "find an urgent care near me now." With Wait Time, you can search for local restaurants, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and salons, and find frequently updated wait time data right away. Have any questions about Wait TIme? Don't hesitate to send us an email at